DEEP CUTS: Taylor Swift

Today on for the first edition of my series “DEEP CUTS,” we will be exploring the lesser known songs of one of today’s biggest artists, Taylor Swift. Taylor is known for being one of the biggest pop stars in the world and has dominated the charts for years. Almost all of her singles become hits, but what I’m interested in today is some of her songs people might skip over when they come on shuffle. Not hits, but lesser known songs I believe deserve more attention then what they are given. Taylor has a big catalog of music, but I have picked three songs I think are worth giving a second chance.

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SNAPPED: My FlatTummyTea Review!

Hey Guys!

So I was in the Vitamin Shoppe the other day looking at some different products for health and wellness. I saw the FlatTummyTea that people on social media like the Kardashians are always promoting, so I thought it would be a great first item for my new series SNAPPED: Trying Beauty Products Straight off of Social Media!

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My Life in A Minor Blog Series: A Guide

Hey Guys, On this blog, I am going to be starting some different series that I’ll be doing weekly or bi-weekly on things in music and lifestyle I’m interested in. In this post I’m gonna break down each series I’ll be doing and what the posts will look like! Feel free to leave ideas for […]

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