Top 10 Mobile Apps I Can’t Live Without!

Hey guys!

If you know me, my phone is glued to my side. Like so many others, I live and breathe my iPhone. That being said, I have tried like every mobile app in the book trying to find the apps that work best for my life. After years of dead ends, I have found the best apps to organize, share and stream your life! These are the mobile apps I cannot live without in my daily life!

  1. Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat

    Social media is my favorite thing, like, ever. I love posting about my day and sharing with others. Social media has created the culture of sharing 24/7, and if you can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em.

  2. Things 2

    This one is HUGE for organizing my life. I am a huge list maker, and this helps me create and organize lists for every aspect of my life. I seriously can’t live without it. It will even help you set deadlines and send you reminders. It’s a #lifesaver if I ever saw one.

  3. Buffer

    Buffer is so great for scheduling my social media. It is great for business/blog social media strategy and lets you schedule all your social media ahead of time. It’s great for making sure your consistent and your brand is on point.

  4. HabitMinder

    HabitMinder is an amazing app for building great habits. You can add habits you want to build, and it will send you reminders at specific times. It is encouraging and you feel good while building up a new and improved you!

  5. Spotify

    I’m a huge music fan, and I have recently been converted from Apple Music to Spotify. I love the social media aspect of it, and sharing playlists is so easy! You can follow your friends and see what their listening too, but don’t worry, you can listen to your fave guilty pleasures on private listening mode (it wont show up on your friend’s feeds).

  6. VSCO

    VSCO is my FAVORITE app for editing photos on my phone. It is so easy and has great filters. For a small price, you can get the “skin tone” feature, which is one of my favorite aspects. It also has social media features, where you can follow friends feeds and see their photos, as well as post your own.

  7. FaceTune 2

    Facetune 2 is one of the best app updates of the past year. It makes you look #flawless in a few brushes of your fingertip. It’s so easy to use and makes your photos look great, even when there is a little room for improvement.

  8. Google Maps

    I know people are die hard over what maps app they use, but I am loyal to Google Maps. I think its the best for routes that are the easiest to follow, and if you sign into your google account, it saves the locations you look up for later.

  9. Pinterest

    Like most of you, I am Pinterest obsessed. Their mobile app is so great and I really like the interface. Its ease of use is great for a web-based site, and it makes it easy to find your pins even on your phone.

  10. Venmo

    Venmo is the app of the millennial, IMO. Nothing sums up millennial culture the way venmo does. The ease of payment to friends makes going out so easy. You can pay friends instantly, request money and even add cute little emojis as captions. What more could you want?!


What are your guys fave apps at the moment? Did I miss any great apps?

If you’re addicted to your phone like me, make sure to check out my post on how to theme your Instagram! 









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