SNAPPED: My FlatTummyTea Review!


Hey Guys!

So I was in the Vitamin Shoppe the other day looking at some different products for health and wellness. I saw the FlatTummyTea that people on social media like the Kardashians are always promoting, so I thought it would be a great first item for my new series SNAPPED: Trying Beauty Products Straight off of Social Media!

(To answer a few questions, I got the title from snapchat, because I have been guilty of buying products I see on Kim Kardashian’s snapchat stories more than once.) 

Kourtney Kardashian Holds FlatTummyTea on Instagram

Khloe Kardashian Holds FlatTummyTea on Instagram

The FlatTummyTea I bought is a 4 week cleanse, so I will be updating you guys every week while I do it. I’m hoping for it to help boost my metabolism because I’ve noticed it slowing down a bit after the unhealthy Holiday food binge. The tea promises to boost metabolism, help lose inches and regain energy.  I will let you all know the results after each week and hopefully, I will see some positive improvement!

Have any of you tried this stuff or anything similar? What can I expect?

Let me know!


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