My Life in A Minor Blog Series: A Guide

Hey Guys,

On this blog, I am going to be starting some different series that I’ll be doing weekly or bi-weekly on things in music and lifestyle I’m interested in. In this post I’m gonna break down each series I’ll be doing and what the posts will look like! Feel free to leave ideas for me in the comments!

  • DEEP CUTS: Exploring a Well Known Artist’s Lesser Known Work
    • In this series, I will be taking some of today’s most popular artists and will be looking at some of their most underrated songs. A lot of well-known artists today are known only by their hits but have a lot of songs in their catalog that can be overlooked. So in this series, I’ll be exploring some underappreciated songs in some of the biggest artists of today’s catalogs.
  • WEEKLY PLAYLISTS: a Weekly Playlist by MyLifeinAMinor
    • This one is pretty straightforward. I will be making weekly playlists via Spotify and posting them on here for everyone. These playlists will be a mix of old and new songs of every genre!
  • SNAPPED: Trying Beauty Products Straight off of Social Media
    • In this series, I will be trying beauty products found straight off of social media. For this one, I will definitely be taking requests! On instagram, celebrity snapchats, etc there are countless beauty products being advertised, and it can get hard to know what works and what doesn’t. I’m going to be trying some of these products and letting you all know what’s up with some of these products!
  • SECRET WEAPON: My Favorite “Secret Weapon” Beauty Products!
    • For this one, I will be talking about my favorite secret weapon beauty products I can’t live without. I have a ton of products that I live for and so many people don’t know about, so I want to share this knowledge with all of you!
  • #Broke: My fave Steals and Deals of the Week!
    • This is another straightforward one. I will be sharing my fave steals and deals I find every week, how I save money and cut corners as an unapologetic #BrokeGirl. Hopefully, this will help you all save some money well still looking fabulous!

That’s all for now! I have a TON of more ideas coming but I have to restrain myself LOL. I hope you guys enjoy these news posts coming and if you have any ideas for any of the new series coming up, I would love to hear them! Leave your ideas, tips, suggestions in the comments!


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